Factors to Consider When Choosing Event Lighting

February 7, 2020

The right event lighting helps set the ambiance for your gathering, while also providing the illumination you need.

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, corporate conference, product launch, fundraising gala or any other social or business event, lighting can be a crucial concern. And with all of the options available, deciding which lights to rent can be challenging.

Working with an experienced event planner, like the team at In the Event, makes the task of selecting lights infinitely easier. Here’s what the pros consider when designing customized event lighting solutions.

How Should the Guests Feel?

Are the invitees merely there to enjoy themselves and take part in celebrating a special occasion? Or do the guests need to be ready to pay attention? Diffused light establishes a more relaxing mood, while bright white lighting helps people remain alert – and depending upon the nature of your gathering, you may need to create different moods at different times.

Will the Event Be Documented?

Photos and videos require a well-lit space, so any gathering that will be documented must have adequate lighting. If a low-light environment is desired, creating a special space with brighter illumination and a unique backdrop can be an effective solution.

Does the Event Include a Presentation?

If the gathering features a musical performance, video projection or product presentation, the lights need to be dim enough for the guests to see the stage or presentation. At the same time, LED spotlights and colored accent lights can help ensure the invitees know when and where to focus their attention.

Are There Any Safety Concerns?

Event lighting should create the right ambiance without compromising anyone’s safety. Low-light environments must be illuminated enough for guests to easily navigate, and enclosed party tents may need posted exit signs. In addition, the lighting setup must be designed to meet all local ordinances and regulations – otherwise, the equipment could pose a fire hazard.

For expert assistance in choosing your event lighting, turn to the professional team at In the Event.

As a full-service event design and production company based in Salt Lake City, In the Event has been helping people in Utah and across the country plan successful social and business gatherings for more than a decade. We offer a vast selection of high-quality LED lights, and we can create innovative intelligent and wireless lighting solutions. Plus, if you rent any of the high-quality lights in our inventory, you’ll enjoy the services of an experienced event planner at no extra cost.

Visit our website to explore our extensive variety of rental options, or contact In the Event to discuss your event lighting needs today.

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