Video Walls & Projection Mapping | 2018 Event Technology Trends

Video Walls & Projection Mapping | 2018 Event Technology Trends

In the world of event planning, 2017 was full of so many new technology trends, from virtual reality at events to online event registration advancements. Our team was in a constant state of developing and reinventing our inventory and event technology along with maintaining an understanding of the evolving landscape of event design and trends. As we approach the 2018 year, new trends in event technology and design are already on our radar. From LED video walls & projection mapping to custom digital content and VR venues, there is so much on the horizon for our team of Utah event planners to start studying up on. Here’s a list of our top 2018 event trends we can’t wait to see out on the show floor!

Projection Mapping:

Projection mapping at events is one of our favorite event technology developments that we’ve seen in recent shows. From the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland to car reveals, big brands are taking the lead in innovating this new technology and event planners are following suit. It’s not just the big events that are benefiting from this innovation; projection mapping can be used on any scale and for any budget. Whether you’re creating an Under The Sea aquarium or a custom 3D animation, projection mapping has proven a unique way to engage your audience and upgrade your event venue.

Toyota Projection Mapping

Toyota Auris Hybrid: ‘Get Your Energy Back’ 3D Projection Mapping

Megavision Projection Mapping

The Infinity Wall: A Modern Mirage from Megavision Arts







Because we staff in-house designers and lighting technicians, our team is beyond excited to see this tech trend come to life in the world of events. The chance to explore digital projection mapping at events opens up a whole new world of design and production experience that our team can’t wait to bring our years of event production experience to.

Challenges: Resources

When it comes to including projection mapping in your event services or contracting some for your own event, you’ll need a whole new set of skills. In our case, we already staff professional lighting and graphic designers, but for other event houses that have previously outsourced those departments, it will require new resources to provide this service or to find a new group to act as your partner in providing projection mapping. For clients, this means extra costs and fees on their event bill.

VR Venues & Online Events:

VR venues and online events are just some of the many ways in which Virtual Reality and online technology will continue to influence events. From VR game arenas for a team building activity to attending Social Media Week via the online platform with broadcasted seminars, we’re excited to see where this existing trend will travel in 2018.

Now that the alternative venue has taken flight and did well for itself in the past few years, attendees want more when it comes to their next event. Though we see the offline events trend standing its ground, the use of VR venues and online event technology will definitely be something to play
with in 2018. From the ability to craft and control every aspect of your attendee’s environment to lessening your brand or company’s carbon footprint, online and VR events are a great way to immerse your audience in a great experience.

Event Technology | Online Events

Challenges: Isolation & Cost

A well-known struggle for VR and online events is the lack of interaction and engagement with the community. When you’re hosting an offline, in-person event in a convention center, you’ve got your entire attendee base in the same room talking, networking, and engaging. When it comes to experiencing an event like that through a webcam or headset, attendees aren’t immediately experiencing that same level of engagement. Though companies like Facebook are experimenting with a Venues feature, we don’t see too much happening to fix the isolation that happens when face-to-face interaction is limited.

Cost is another factor that may impact how widespread the VR and online trend is implemented. Virtual Reality equipment is expensive and not just for brands and businesses. What Facebook and other companies hope to achieve with VR is dependent on a clientele that can afford to purchase individual VR headsets. Though we do see people purchasing $1,000 iPhones, a personal virtual reality headset may still seem like a luxury for many.

For online events, however, a company would be saving a significant amount of money in terms of general event equipment and practices, such as catering, A/V, and venue rental, which may trickle down to the client, but no matter the cost, companies, and brands always find difficulties in hyping up an online event, opposed to an in-person event that can be promoted as a true experience and can cater to a variety of senses instead of the flat online platform.

Video Walls:

Event Technology | Video Walls Something that we’ve been experimenting with for a while is the video wall. It’s an alternative to projection mapping that many companies are using to immerse their audience in a 3D experience. This technology can be employed on large and small scales to display a whole wall of stage design or a simple setup for event graphics and signage. We supply an LED display panel for companies that want to incorporate this technology on a smaller scale, and these walls can be combined to create a wall effect for larger setups and stages.

Challenges: Cost & Wires

An obvious obstacle to supplying your event with new technology is cost. Especially with something relatively new, like LED video walls, compared to basic AV equipment, it will be challenging to include this tech in a budget that’s already tight. If you’re not looking to buy, renting event technology from a certified event warehouse is a great option for incorporating new and improved event tech without the price tag of a new LED video wall.

Another challenge that comes along with something like a video wall or any kind of event audio & visual equipment is wires. Making sure you’ve coordinated power and outlets for your video wall is crucial, especially if you’re taking it to the next level and recreating your venue with a large-scale video wall. In our inventory, the majority of event tech and AV equipment that we supply is 100% wireless, which makes the rest of your event space easy to coordinate after you’ve figured out the power supply for your video wall.

Event Rentals | Kleenex Interaction TechnologyCustom Content:

According to Entrepreneur, “Leading brands invest in live events. Approximately two-thirds of marketers say that they will increase the number of live events they host in 2018. This is because marketers recognize that live events are one of the most effective marketing channels.”

Now that leading brands and companies are creating live experiences for their clients, it’s more important than ever to invest in every aspect of your event. More than event lighting and design, your branded custom content is essential to pulling off the perfect branded event. From video content to graphics and signage, your event is a goldmine of opportunities to create a directed marketing approach, and custom content is definitely ‘in.’ Creating custom content for your event doesn’t only lead your attendees down a curated path, it’s also integral to creating lasting engagement in a crowd of modern millennials, the largest growing segment of the workforce.

Challenges: Time, Effort & Data

Event Technology | Custom Content

Gone are the days of tables and chairs in front of a projector and screen. The modern audience requires a more engaging experience if they’re going to invest time and energy in attending. Unfortunately for brands and event designers, creating an engaging, custom-branded environment for attendees is easier said than done. Adding content curators, writers, video producers, and others to your events team can often take longer than putting together an even design.Adding anything to your already-hectic event schedule is time that is drawn from someone in your organization or is pulling from your event budget if you’re hiring them out via a contractor. Finding the time to work that into your budget and schedule is difficult for any brand, not to mention a small business whose resources are already stretched.

Final Thoughts

Creating an experience in 2018 will be more exciting and more challenging than ever. Along with loads of new event technology comes increased attendee expectations, event costs, team resources, and new skills to learn. It’s more important this year to make sure that when you hire a professional event planner, you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Finding a team that can provide everything from custom graphics and design to innovative event technology and services is essential to producing an amazing event in 2018.

Still looking? You’ve come to the right place. Our team has everything you need to create a memorable experience for your audience. From innovative event technology to the minds needed to operate it, we’ve got the staff, creativity, and production skill to handle it all. Contact us today to start creating your next event! 

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