Event Rentals & Design Ideas to Impress Your Guests

February 27, 2020

The moment your guests walk in the door of your event space, they’ll begin to form an opinion about the gathering – and the decisions you make regarding event rentals and facility décor can have a profound effect.

Expert planners are able to create visually stunning spaces, and if you get your event rental furniture and furnishings from In the Event, you’ll have professional help with design and production at no extra cost. Here, we share a few of our best tips for ensuring guests leave an event with a great impression.

Unique Seating

Every guest will need a seat, and choosing comfortable, eye-catching seating is a great way to give a facility a major wow factor. Go with couches, armchairs, sectionals or loveseats over traditional event rental seating, and get creative in the arrangement. Don’t forget, however, to provide plenty of table space for guests to set their drinks and plates.

Pops of Color

Clever use of color can have a huge impact on the overall look of a space. Floral displays are one way to boost visual interest, but why not consider other décor options? Brightly colored linens, tableware or furniture can appear rather striking, and you can also add colorful LED spotlights and uplights to further transform the facility appearance.

Wall Draping

Draping the walls with panels of fabric can completely change the way a facility looks and feels, and guests are certain to be pleasantly surprised by the different twist on the décor. Event rental companies offer a wide range of wall draping fabrics, so you can choose a backdrop that compliments both your theme and the architectural features of the facility.

Interactive Games

If you have games or interactive displays at your gathering, your guests will enjoy themselves more – which means they’ll have a positive opinion of the experience. From LED dart cabinets and ping pong tables to oversize party games, photo shoot stations and aromatherapy oxygen bars, event rental companies have plenty of excellent interactive options.

Get Expert Event Planning Assistance at No Extra Cost

Whether you’re hosting a corporate party, product launch, social affair, non-profit gala or any other type of gathering, impressing your guests can be a challenge – unless, that is, you choose to rent your furniture and furnishings from In the Event.

As a leading event design and production company, we know how to create wow-worthy guest experiences. And when you rent anything from our extensive inventory, you’ll gain professional help from an expert event planner free of charge. For more information on our services, or to browse our event rental catalog, visit our website today.