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How To Host A Party 101 | Easy Party Games For Adults

March 7, 2018

When it comes to finding fun party games for adults, indoors or outdoors, there are so many ways to make your next event one fit for the ‘gram. Whether you’re hosting an indoor game night with close friends or looking for ideas for an outdoor lawn party with the neighbors, today we’re bringing you some of our best tips for getting the party started right. From recreating a retro arcade with event game rentals and antique tech to hosting your own game show, these tips and themes are tried and tested by our team of professional party people as some of the best party games for adults.

Retro Arcade

From entertaining the little ones with antique novelty to taking your older guests on a wild ride of nostalgia, creating a retro arcade for your next party is always a fun option. We suggest some classic gaming consoles, a black leather VIP lounge, and to top it all off, some LED pixel tubes to create some awesome wall art. Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite pixel tube creations from our event tech team!

LED’s not your thing? We’re all about the throwback and have everything you could need to create in any decade. Lasers and haze? Check. Carnival games to rent for parties? We’ve got ’em. Creating a fun theme for your next event is always a great party game idea, and can really make your event one to remember.

Tech-Free Zone

If you’re looking for some tech-free party game ideas for adults, we’ve got you covered in that department too. From this awesome LED Ping Pong Table to our wooden cornhole rental, it’s easy to find fun ways to get your guests off the wifi and into some healthy competition!

Once you’ve set up the giant Jenga rental and other party game rentals, there are plenty of other fun adult party games that you don’t want to miss out on. From a classic game of Pictionary to finding a local Escape Room, getting everyone together to spend time together is the key to any party!

Though a tech-free zone may be the goal, there’s always the one who can’t resist Snapping every moment. Can’t get someone off their phone? Here are some of our favorite collaborative apps to play with a group!


In The Event™ | Party Games for Adults

SpaceTeam | Sleeping Beast Games

SpaceTeam is one of the best party games for adults. As long as everyone has a WiFi enabled phone, you can connect everyone in the room for a fast-paced, space-themed adventure! Be aware: this game is L.O.U.D. and not for the faint of heart!



In The Event™ | Party Games for Adults

HeadsUp | Warner Bros

Whether you’re stuck on a family trip during a long layover or need some fun party games for adults indoors or outdoors, HeadsUp is a great way to get everyone on their feet! Think your basic charades but everything is done for you on the app! Player one stands with the phone at their head and everyone helps them to guess the subject written on whatever card appears! Charades is always a solid choice when it comes to game night ideas for adults, and HeadsUp makes it easier than ever to play with friends!


Photo Booth

In The Event™ | Photo Booth Ideas

Whatever you decide to have during your main event, it’s always fun to provide guests with a fun photo booth to document all the fun memories they’re making at your party. It’s fun and easy for people to get in on the action and can give those who weren’t able to make it some serious FOMO. If a full-fledged photo booth is out of the budget, never fear! In The Event™ party rentals are here! Create your own DIY photo booth with some basics like a photo op frame, backdrops, and fun props!

Need help brainstorming party games for adults? Ask our professional event planners! We’re always ready to offer our expert advice on party game ideas for adults, and can help you get started planning your next event like a pro! 

Trivia Night & Game Show

Nothing beats trivia night when it comes to entertaining a crowd. All you need are some nifty questions, game show buzzers, an energetic host and some sweet prizes for the winning team! Worried about finding the perfect party rentals? When it comes to event game rentals, you’ve got plenty of options. If you’re hosting a trivia night outside, it’s essential to make sure you’ve got the best equipment. Find everything from your outdoor A/V needs, to sound system rentals and outdoor lounge furniture for the audience in our event rentals inventory!

Whatever you choose to entertain your next party guests, know that we’ve got your back when it comes to innovative party game rentals. Hosting a larger soireé? We’ve got you there too. Rent anything from our event rental inventory and you’ll get access to our professional event planners 100% free of charge. If anyone has great suggestions for party games for adults, it’s them! Click here to send a request directly to our event planning hub and get started creating your next big bash! 

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