Creative Ideas for Event Display Rentals

October 4, 2019

The right event display rentals are more than simple exhibits – they draw attention. And if you are planning a product launch, hosting a fundraising gala or taking part in a trade show, you definitely want people to notice the items you have on display.

How can you make that happen? Below, the professional planners at In the Event share ideas for getting creative with event display rentals.

LED Displays

Lights attract attention, and LED displays feature built-in lighting. You can choose LED pedestals, tables or modular cubes in a range of heights and sizes. Or, go with LED stands that have shelves. Regardless, bright lights in your choice of colors can help make your event displays stand out.

Acrylic Cubes

When you want to show off different items, but do not want them to be touched, acrylic cubes are a great choice. They can be easily stacked or placed for optimal product visibility. And, when set on LED display rentals, the cubes glow and catch the eyes of event attendees.

Plexi Risers

Nesting square or rectangular tables can make for attention-getting exhibits, particularly when paired with LED lighting. Plexi risers can increase the height of the items you are showcasing, ensuring that your event attendees can see each one from every angle. 

Display Walls

When it comes to product promotion, display walls pack a big punch. Featuring customizable spandex covers and cutout acrylic cases, stand-alone walls are very tall and quite unique in appearance – which means they never go unnoticed. And, you can integrate LED lighting to make event display walls even more alluring. 


If you need to exhibit clothing or accessories at your event, mannequins may be your best bet. To attract attention, choose display rentals in chrome or polished white and position the mannequins on LED modular floor panels. You can also place mannequins in front of floor mirrors or make-up mirrors with light-up bulbs for added interest.

Do you need a creative event display? Rentals from In the Event, a leading full-service event design and production company, can get your products noticed.

Based in northern Utah and serving clients throughout the country, In the Event has an impressive selection of display products, including LED stands, acrylic cubes, plexi risers, customizable walls and high-end mannequins. And when you rent anything from our vast inventory, our professional planners will coordinate your event at no extra cost.

Visit our website to browse the options we have available for rent, or for more information on our event display rentals and the services we offer, contact us today.

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