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Cars 101: Fundamentals of the Remarkable Reveal

November 5, 2017

After 10 years in business, we still get excited than when a dealership or private client comes to us looking for the team that can best reveal their new set of wheels. We like to consider ourselves the experts in bringing the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ to the car reveal show floor and we’ve got the resume to prove it.


If we’re given the chance to plan an entire event around Ferrari red, we never turn it down. These reveals were amazing to produce and exciting to be a part of! Let’s hear it for those plasmas and spandex hiboys!


Nothing better than loading an amazing car onto an amazing LED dancefloor. Seeing the transformation from day to night at this reveal only confirmed our suspicions that our LED dancefloor may be the coolest addition to any and all events.


A longtime partner, our friends at Salt Lake City Porsche are always up for new ideas when it comes to their reveal evens. They know that if they turn it over to us, that beautiful set of wheels is going to look stunning uplit with an LED floor and our hazer working its magic over the fresh coat of paint.


Some people ask, ‘can you really put a big, heavy car on that LED dancefloor?’ and to that, we always reply, ‘see for yourself!’ If our LED floor panels are sturdy enough to handle this monster of a machine, they can definitely take the heat at your next dance party!

From our inception as a company, we always knew that the power of elegant design and advanced event technology had the potential to revolutionize the event industry. It’s with the help of amazing clients and vendors like these that we’re able to implement that ideology on a bigger scale! Contact our team today to start planning your next reveal! 

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