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Cute Wedding Safety Precautions

July 17, 2020

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No matter what happens, people everywhere will continue falling in love. Marriage and weddings will keep happening. Your special day may look different because of Corona virus, but there are ways to make your safety measures fit your wedding aesthetic.


Welcoming Guests:

There is the issue of guests wandering or mixing households while trying to find their seats. To prevent this, insert a seating chart with your wedding invitations. You can use a similar font and stationary as your invitations. At the front entrance have a larger printed version framed alongside your wedding photos.

Welcome gifts or gift bags are a great way to distribute masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves, alongside other treats or goodies for your guests. It is recommended to place one one on each chair to prevent everyone reaching into the same basket or congregating near a table.



Traditional guestbooks can easily become a vector for COVID transmission, however there are tons of cute guestbook alternatives. Two of the most popular are video guestbooks and jar guest ‘books’. Video guestbooks are created by one person operating the camera and taping short messages from each guest as they arrive. Jar guestbooks are made by having each attendee sign a note or small slip of paper and drop it into a large jar. This way the guest touches only their pen and piece of paper.

There are so many darling alternatives that minimize the points of contact to help prevent COVID from spreading. Hit up those Pinterest boards and find an alternative that works for your wedding and fits these guidelines!



Decor is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. All of the flowers, and the frills, and little sparkly bits are the easiest way to make any space uniquely yours! There are ways to incorporate social distancing elements into your design. You can make signs to encourage social distancing with phrases like, “Distancing is temporary, love is forever,” or, “To have and to hold, six feet apart.”

There are so many custom mask makers who can create face masks in your wedding colors.  You could get masks for your bridesmaids or groomsmen with their names embroidered. There are even masks that can have an overlay of the same lace from your dress.

If your wedding is going to be indoors, floor clings are a great option. Have them printed with your names, cute sayings, patterns, or illustrations. There are endless options on how you can customize your clings. Place them six feet or more apart to encourage social distancing.


If you have any ideas of cute ways to incorporate COVID safety measures leave them below, and check out our wedding rental packages for small groups!


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