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August 18, 2015

Our client was hosting an event at the Grand America during the same time as one of the March Madness games, and they wanted to create a space for their guests at the event to come hangout and watch the game. To create the lounge area feeling we used our White Lounge Furniture to give guests the space they needed to sit down and relax and added our LED Coffee Tables and LED Side Tables at each couch so guests to kick their feet up. While the LED Coffee and Side Tables lit up the room with a cozy blue glow. We then filled the rest of the open space with our LED Standard Hi Boys to give guests more space to hang out at.

IMG_0625     IMG_0620

Outside of the lounge area there was an open seating space with more Black Lounge Furniture and a few of our Round Leather Sofas to give extra seating space to the guests.

     IMG_0583     IMG_0590     IMG_0613

If you love the look that our lounge furniture gives be sure to check out the rentals section of our website for our full line furniture rentals or anything else you’ll need to make your event a hit.

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