Vertical Gardens – New Decor Trends

Vertical Gardens – New Decor Trends

Vertical gardens are the newest decor trend, and I am in love! In The Event™ has received multiple inquiries for these plant walls, including some requests for custom builds. These greenery walls come in a huge range of sizes and styles and they all are absolutely stunning. If you, like me, hadn’t heard of vertical gardens before now; here is a quick guide:

Vertical gardens, also commonly called greenery walls or eco walls, are made of plants suspended in a frame to look like they are growing out of the wall. They can be as small as a picture frame, or as large as the entire wall. Most commonly, these pieces are made of artificial plants because they can be attached more securely and do not need water or fertilizer which can damage the wall underneath.

With the range of faux plants available today, there are endless combinations of textures and colors. Three of the most popular styles are organic, color-block, and backdrop. Organic vertical gardens are designed so the plants appear to be growing there naturally. Color-block vertical gardens use the different colors or textures of the plants to create a design or pattern. Backdrop greenery walls are usually made of one type of plant. Some examples of this are boxwood panels or flower walls for photography.




This new decor trend has benefits aside from being adorable. Having plants indoors, even artificial plants, is beneficial for mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. The presence of plants has also been linked to stress reduction. The textured shape and materials used in these constructions allows the plant walls to function as effective sound diffusers.

Are you thinking about designing one for your space or event? In The Event™ does custom builds for both events and permanent installations. Call now to talk to a floral design expert and get started on designing your newest piece of decor!

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