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Vendor Highlight | Culinary Crafts

August 1, 2016

Here at In The Event™, we work hard to make sure that when you come to us, it’s a one-stop-shop. Our in-house design team, florist, and event staff help you to host an amazing event with half the stress of running around town trying to find someone for each aspect of your production. Though we strive to provide clients with everything they might need, there are some things we let other experts handle. We often work with outside vendors for catering, or entertainment so that we can focus on doing what we do best, and letting them take the lead on making each part of your event unforgettable. This month, we’re highlighting Culinary Crafts, one of our favorite catering companies to work with!

Culinary CraftsOne of the best things about Culinary Crafts is their unique catering style. Though they’re open to any and all possibilities, their specialty is creating beautiful, elegant food designed to impress. What sets them apart is more than their 13 time Best of State award, it’s their passion for creating amazing experiences with delicious food!

Mary Crafts says it best: “My usual elevator pitch is that at Culinary Crafts we’re about creating life experiences through food as the medium. We get to do something beyond just preparing food because there are lots of people out there that serve food, but there are only a handful that have such a passion for the food industry and for how food brings people together that when you meet another foodie that lives and breathes it every day you know them, you recognize them because they feel it in their heart and that’s the kind of experience that I want Culinary Crafts to always bring to their guests.”Culinary Crafts

We love working with Mary and her team, and are privileged to have such a great partner in producing innovative and memorable events! Here’s a note from Mary about their relationship with In The Event™:

“In The Event™ is one of those great companies in the hospitality industry that we love to work with because they are masters at their craft, just like we are! They provide really unique pieces, design, decor, planning meetings, really at the top of their game for Salt Lake City. Whenever I work with them on a project I know that it is going to be an exciting project and it’s going to be executed perfectly. I have two favorite memories of working with In The Event™. One was a large corporate group event we did with Western Governors last year on the Gallivan Plaza. There were 2,500 people so you’re feeding the masses, getting them in and getting them out. That’s always a feet when you can feed that many people. In The Event™ did all the decor and planning for the event. The flip side of that is I also worked with In The Event™ when we did our wedding inspiration shoot last year. I was looking for something intimate, something completely high-end, something beautiful, engaging and romantic. So they’re such a great company. They can work from the area of being cutting edge, edgy, urban, contemporary, all the way over to romantic, intimate, lush, or farm to table. They can do it all!”

Thank you to all our wonderful vendors helping us produce spectacular events!


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