Transforming Event Spaces with Greenery Walls

November 20, 2023

While most people are familiar with floral centerpieces for various events, which go on tables or other surfaces and help accent them, this is not the only possible use of floral arrangements within events. One other great approach here, and one that can be used across many event types, is the greenery wall. 

At In The Event, our huge selection of event rentals and services for clients around Utah includes many floral arrangements, including greenery walls, centerpieces and more. Greenery walls can be used in almost any event type you can think of, with versatility that makes them applicable across many areas. Here are some examples of how they’re often used at various event types you might be interested in hosting. 

Corporate Events

Depending on the size of your corporate event, this is one area where greenery walls show impressive versatility. You can use them as a backdrop for presentations, or to draw attention to specific areas of the room. 

For smaller events, consider using them as a photo backdrop for guests to take pictures in front of. You can also use greenery walls to create a more intimate atmosphere by lining the walls of smaller event spaces with them. 

For larger companies hosting major conferences or trade shows, greenery walls can be used to create designated areas for product displays or demonstrations. 

Holiday Events

Because of their versatility, greenery walls can be used for almost any holiday event. For the upcoming Christmas season, greenery walls can be used to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. You can incorporate lights, ornaments and other holiday decorations into the greenery to make it more in line with your event theme. 

For Halloween or Thanksgiving events, you can use fall-themed greenery and incorporate pumpkins or other seasonal decor. And for Valentine’s Day, consider using red and pink flowers within the greenery to create a romantic ambiance. 

Graduation Parties

Another major event where greenery walls can make a huge impact is at graduation parties. They can be used as a backdrop for photos with the graduate, or to line the walls of the party space. You could also use them as a creative way to display photos or memories from the graduate’s academic journey. 

They might also play a role in the ceremony itself – perhaps as a backdrop for the stage or podium. No matter how you use them, greenery walls add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any graduation party. 


For anniversary celebrations, greenery walls can be used to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. They can serve as a backdrop for photos of the couple or be placed behind the head table at a wedding anniversary reception. You could also use them to display meaningful quotes or messages for the couple throughout their years together. 

Baby Showers

If you’re hosting a baby shower, consider using greenery walls to add a touch of nature and sophistication. They can be used as a backdrop for photos with the mom-to-be or as a way to create designated areas within the event space. For example, you could have a greenery wall with “sweet treats” written on it to mark the dessert table. You could also use them as a way to reveal the baby’s gender, with pink or blue flowers incorporated into the greenery. 

Tips When Choosing a Greenery Wall

If you’ve decided that a greenery wall is the perfect addition to your event, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing one: 

  • Consider the size of your event space and choose a greenery wall that will fit comfortably. 
  • Think about the theme or color scheme of your event and choose flowers and decorations that will complement it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative! Greenery walls can be customized to fit your specific event needs. 

Greenery walls are a versatile and elegant addition to any event. Whether it’s for a corporate event, holiday celebration, or special occasion like a graduation or anniversary, greenery walls can enhance the atmosphere and create beautiful photo opportunities. 

At In The Event, we offer a wide range of floral arrangements and decor, including greenery walls, to make your event truly unforgettable. Contact us today to learn more about our event rental and services in Utah. Let us help you bring your event vision to life!

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