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Unconventional Convention

October 13, 2013

Sometimes our clients want an unconventional event space. HireVue had an annual employee meeting and they wanted it to stand out by doing something a bit out of the ordinary.

Unconventional Convention Space

We offered the attendees three different seating choices along with a focal point on the HireVue stage, set with an 8’ x 10’ arched spandex wall with company graphics and  two 8’ LED tube light towers to enhance the other staging elements. First, our LED bars with white leather barstools set-up in a classroom style. Second, our modular furniture complete with branded HireVue pillows. Lastly, on the floor before the stage, we set  meditation pillows, cushions, and bean bags for attendees to sit around our LED mod coffee tables. All of the surfaces on our LED furniture were made to be written on with dry erase markers. This added an interactive element to the event and a fun place for the attendees to take notes.

HireVie GS 16

In the end the client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the meeting space. We strive to take a concept to reality with 3D renderings to ensure our clients get what they want. HireVue wanted an unconventional convention and we were able to deliver. They loved the concept so much, they decided to purchase many of the items we used for the event to be enjoyed on a regular basis in their offices!

HireVie GS 101

HireVue and our stage in action!

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