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Everything You Need For The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Party

March 14, 2018

We’re big fans of St. Patrick’s Day. From our company colors getting the attention they deserve to the mounds of chocolate coins and boozy St. Patrick’s Day games, it’s definitely up there on our list of favorite holidays. What’s also awesome about this Irish holiday? The number of people asking us where to find cool St. Patrick’s Day party stuff. Why do we love this question, you ask? Maybe because our party rental inventory is the best party hosts can find from here to the Cliffs of Moher. Here are some of our favorite rentals to get your St. Partick’s Day party off to a lucky start.

Green Party Decor

What’s a St. Patrick’s Day party without some green? When it comes to green party decor, most think to run to their local party store to pick up some sparkly hats and colored cups, but this year, why not go all out? Our team is dedicated to providing the best party rentals Utah has to offer to clients both in our hometown and beyond! From our LED Furniture and lighting to our themed decor and games, if you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day party games or party decor, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of our favorite green setups we’ve done in the past for inspiration!

Pot ‘O Gold

Looking for a pot ‘o gold for the end of your rainbow? We’ve got them in all shapes and sizes. Though the entirety of our fabulous collection isn’t listed in our official event rental inventory, we’re always in good supply of gold pots, vases, containers and more. If you’re looking for other options for vases and containers for events, click here!

What else comes in a pot and is just as valuable as gold? How about a delicious spring soup? We’ve been reading up on all things catering from our friends at Culinary Crafts and found a recent event they catered featuring a lovely butternut soup that we wouldn’t mind on our St. Patrick’s Day party menu.

In The Event™ | St. Patrick's Day Party

Pepper Nix Photography

Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day recipes and food? Head over to the Culinary Crafts blog for some delicious inspiration! 

Rainbows & Lighting

If you’re looking for some rainbow decor for your St. Patrick’s Day Party, it may be tempting to go the traditional colored paper route, but we’re here to tell you that your rainbow party decorations have so much more potential. Try a rainbow made of LED pixel tubes or light up your event furniture with different colors!

When it comes to decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows are essential party decor. Not only do we have anything and everything you could possibly need to light up your next event venue with all the colors of the rainbow, we’ve also got themed party decor and furniture to bring the color to your next event setup! Browse our event rentals inventory, or click here to get the pros on board with planning your next event!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Games

Besides the classic drinking games for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s so much more to explore when it comes to party ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Follow the old tradition of outdoor party games like our wooden cornhole rentals or test the sobriety of your party guests with our LED darts!

For more St. Patrick’s Day Party Game ideas for kids & adults, head over to the Play, Party, Plan blog for instructions on how to play the Shamrock Shake and Roll a Rainbow game!

Need some tunes to rock out to on St. Patrick’s Day? Click here to get exclusive access to our St. Patrick’s Day playlist on Spotify! 

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