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Turning Your Idea Into a Reality

October 17, 2015

If you come to In The Event™ with a custom sketch of a stage, a modular display, or even LED games we will be able to make that sketch come to life. Our client recently came to us with a sketch of a rotating modular display that they wanted us to make so they could use it at their next event. They also wanted the display to be able to glow with our LED lights and have mannequins stand on the display to promote their new clothing line. The picture on the left is the actual sketch of the rotating modular display the client came to us with. And the picture on the right is our rendered design of the modular display and what it will look like once it gets built.

IMG_20150521_085944742_HDR     HokaOneOne

Once client gave us the okay we started building their new custom rotating modular display. The video below is the modular display in action at their event.

If you have an idea for a new display, stage, or custom decor pieces you want at your next event contact In The Event™ and we will make your idea come to life.

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