Size and Shape Considerations for Event Tables

October 6, 2023

Dimensions and shapes are common topics of conversation for anyone planning an upcoming event, and nowhere is this theme more visible than with event table selection. For any event where you know tables will be part of the setup, determining their ideal shape, size and related qualities will be an important part of your process – one that may help define many other design elements as well. 

At In The Event, we’re here to offer a huge range of event rentals for any event you’re throwing in Utah, including quality tables and chairs to meet any need. Here are some basics on why determining table size and shape is often important near the start of your planning efforts, plus some options for you to consider. 

Why Table Size and Shape Matters

Firstly, let’s discuss why these two topics are often so important for event planning. Table size and shape can have a major impact on guest flow, seating arrangements, overall atmosphere and more. Will your guests be seated in rounds or rectangles? What type of table will provide the best space to those that need it? 

It’s also wise to consider the overall shape of your space – will long tables make the room feel cramped, or do round tables provide a better sense of space? Think about your food service needs – will you be plating up individual meals for each guest, or family-style dishes to share in the middle of the table? 

Table size and arrangement can also make a big impact on the kinds of accessories and décor you’ll be able to utilize – whether it’s centerpieces, place settings or something else entirely. For instance, if you’re working with a round table, then a centerpiece in the middle can be easily seen by all guests, while a square or rectangular table may favor place settings along the edge. 

Never Forget About Chairs

Tables and chairs are naturally linked, and before we get into some table shape options to consider, it’s also important to remember that chairs should always be a part of your planning efforts. Seating is incredibly important for guests, and often times the chair style and materials can make or break the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. 

When considering chairs, think about how they will match up with the table shape and size – will round tables go better with bar stools, or will rectangular tables work better with banquet chairs? These kinds of themes can go a long way. 

Our next few sections will look at the most common table shape styles, plus what to think about if you choose them.

Rectangular Tables

Perhaps the most common table shape for events, rectangular tables provide a great option for seating multiple guests in close proximity. These tables come in many different sizes, so you can choose the length and width that allows enough room for your needs. 

Rectangular tables often work well with banquet chairs – these will give guests plenty of space while still being able to fit more people into your seating arrangement than round tables.

Square Tables

Square tables are similar to rectangular tables in terms of size, but offer a different overall look and feel. These are great for smaller events where you need to seat guests close together – think intimate dinner parties or high-end corporate meetings. 

Square tables also work well with banquet chairs, but can often be paired with other seating options like bar stools if the occasion calls for it.

Round Tables

The other major table shape option, round tables are often seen as a more casual seating solution. They can easily fit into smaller spaces than rectangular or square tables and offer up a unique look to any room. 

For the chairs portion of your setup, consider options like banquet chairs or French bistro chairs – these will usually provide guests with comfortable seating while still allowing them to move around 

Combination of Shapes

There’s absolutely no rule that only one table shape can be used for an event. If your goal is to create multiple atmospheres in one space, consider having a mix of rectangular and round tables – this will give you the ability to seat guests differently depending on what kind of atmosphere you’re hoping to foster. 

No matter what table shapes and sizes you choose for your event, don’t forget that chairs are just as important. The type of chairs you choose will go a long way in creating the overall atmosphere you’re after. Consider going for vintage or modern seating options to really help set the tone of your event – whether it’s elegant and upscale, casual and fun, or something in between. 

At In The Event, we’re here to help you create any atmosphere imaginable for your Utah event. Our wide selection of rental tables and chairs makes it easy to match the size and shape you need with any style you desire. Reach out today so we can discuss table options that best fit your vision!

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