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3 Simple Tricks to Stick to Your Event Budget

July 31, 2018

Event planning can be a challenge when your event budget is tight. ? However, you can still plan and execute successful and enjoyable events on a budget. This is why strong event budget management skills are important to the planning process for any event. While this can be quite detailed, here are some event budget management tips anyone can use!

  1. Prioritize your needs!

Identifying your necessities is key to event budget management. Map out the important costs, such as the venue, catering, equipment, etc. Prioritizing your spending also puts into perspective the unnecessary elements your event can do without.

  1. Watch out for small costs. They add up!

Once you have a clear idea of your event necessities, it’s easier to stay away from frivolous spending. While it may seem obvious, small and hidden costs can sneak up on you as they quickly add up. Make sure you carefully read through any signed contracts to identify any hidden fees, such as set up and break down costs, which can then be accounted into your event budget.

  1. Set aside some allowance for emergency spending.

Surprises do occur, regardless of detailed planning. This is why accounting for emergency spending in your event budget is always a good plan-of-action. If any surprise costs or last-minute issues pop up, you have a budget to fall back on without having to spend money you don’t have.

With these simple tips in mind, planning events on a budget shouldn’t be a daunting task. While sacrifices are sometimes necessary, do consider entertainment that will provide the most value. Consider a photo booth rental if you’re planning a heavily branded event. With a photo booth rental, it’s easy to brand an event, generate buzz, and keep the event going long after it’s over.

Happy Budgeting! ???

Do you have some additional tips? Comment and let us know so we can add them to the list! 


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