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Networking Tips You Need To Score Big At Your Next Event

April 28, 2017

When it comes to event management, there is a lot that an event planner can do to create the perfect atmosphere for networking events. From party lights & innovative event decor to general management, the space is such an important part of hosting a successful event. Though an event planner can create an amazing look for your next space, get people where you want them to go, and look amazing while doing it, there isn’t much they can do about the effort that attendees want to put into having a great experience. With over 35 years of corporate events, product launches, and trade shows, our team knows a thing or two about what you can do to make your networking event successful. So here are some of our favorite networking tips for making the most of your next event!


Know Your Pitch

In The Event™ | Networking TipsTo some, it may sound overzealous to have prepared a speech for a networking event, but having an elevator pitch ready to go will do wonders to get your message across and create a good first impression. Besides having your pitch down, it’s also important to be prepared for your event! Get a good night’s sleep, give yourself enough time to get there, and don’t forget business cards. It’s always interesting to see how something small, like forgetting your business card or arriving late, can throw off your groove for the entire event. Make sure you’re prepared and you’ll be sure to have a professional, comfortable networking experience!

Find New Friends

This is one of our favorite networking tips, and it applies to more than just events! When you’re there to meet new people, stay professional, but don’t forget that other attendees want to get to know the real you! Treat everyone you meet like a new friend. Shake hands, smile, and relax. This won’t just make you feel more comfortable, but will also contribute to a more productive atmosphere for the whole group.

Fly Solo

If you have trouble branching out at networking events, try taking the leap and attending solo! Sure you’d rather take your squad, but going alone to networking events might be one of the best pieces of motivation to get out there and get talking. If you show up with an office mate or a friend, chances are you’ll feel more comfortable with them, and will be less likely to sit in the empty chair at that crowded table and introduce yourself. Networking events are meant to push us outside of our comfort zones, so set yourself up for success and show up ready to work!


Loving these networking tips? Make sure you’re providing the best place for your event attendees with the professional event planners at In The Event™!

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