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National Ability Center Annual Gala

October 7, 2017

Here at In The Event™, we get the opportunity to support some great causes in our community. One of our favorites is the National Ability Center! This year the NAC celebrated Splore’s 40th Anniversary and our team had the opportunity to donate some of our rentals to create their experience! From the wheatgrass centerpieces to the fun design of the stage, our event planners had a great time helping to produce this event.

In The Event™ | National Ability Center

“The event was a great success and looked wonderful with the stage, retro lights and grass centerpieces! Thank you for all of your work to make the evening a truly special one.”


We talked with Whitney Thompson, NAC’s Marketing Manager about why the National Ability Center is important to support! 

“At the National Ability Center, our mission is to empower individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation, and educational programs. By supporting our mission, you are helping others to thrive.

The National Ability Center owes its very existence and its national and international presence to generations of philanthropic visionaries and a tradition of charitable giving that goes back to our first programs at Park City Mountain. Our first 15 lessons, provided to veterans with disabilities in 1985, were funded entirely by a gift from Disabled Veterans of America. Since then, generous members of our local, national and international community have helped shape and grow our mission through their donations of time, expertise, and financial resources. Today, we serve more than 5,500 individuals through 36,000 experiences each year. This includes adaptive ski and snowboard programming, river rafting, equestrian, camps, military retreats and more for individuals of all abilities and their families. The determination to see past what you can’t do and to focus on each individual’s capacity to achieve combined with visionaries who are passionate to share those possibilities with people of all abilities is the heart of our organization. It fosters our capacity to inspire and achieve, to educate and to heal, and push the boundaries of possibility.”

To donate to the National Ability Center, or to learn more about their programs, click here

Interested in attending events for the NAC? Look below for some of their upcoming events, or visit the link above to see a more comprehensive list!

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Photographer: Dave Obzansky
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