Modern Event Décor

Modern Event Décor

Another photo-shoot showcasing a different look achieved with the Gallivan Center and our modern décor. This room is set to impress with on-trend fashion in a black and white color scheme.

Modern Event Decor  Modern Modern Event Décor Black and White Table Decor 1 1024x682

Black and White Leather Lounge Seating Modern Modern Event Décor Black and White Leather Lounge Seating 1024x682

Symmetrical lounge seating with glowing LED tables.

LED-Deluxe-HI-Boy-with-Black-and-White-Barstools Modern Modern Event Décor LED Deluxe HI Boy with Black and White Barstools 1024x682

LED bar with a LED hi-boy with barstools. Shimmer curtain detailing in the background.

Crystal-Feather-Dining-Centerpiece Modern Modern Event Décor Crystal Feather Dining Centerpiece 681x1024


These centerpieces use no live flowers, cutting down on environmental impact. Part of our Green Initiative.


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