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How To Make Your Presenter Shine Onstage

February 10, 2019

When it comes to conferences, corporate events, and seminars, there is always a lot to coordinate. Besides the catering and registration, there are so many details involved in making sure that your event looks professional and engaging. Having a presenter onstage is the main attraction for many corporate events, and can’t be left up to a few lights and a microphone. Making your presenter shine onstage won’t just be doing them a favor, it will also create a better environment for attendees to stay engaged and ready for the message your speaker prepared. After curating hundreds of , we’ve put together a few of our favorite tips for making your guest look their best on your stage.In The Event™ | How To Make Your Presenter Shine

Intelligent & Professional Lighting

Too many people underestimate the power that can have on the aesthetic for their presentation. Without professional designers, your event lighting can end up making a presenter fade into the background. Though it seems like a strange correlation, lighting can change the entire look of your presentation. Skin tone, fatigue, and age can all be altered with the right combination of stage lighting.  

Stage Design

In The Event™ | Stage DesignSure, you could put your presenter center stage with a few floodlights and a projector screen, but there are plenty of quick fixes that can instantly upgrade the look of your stage and really make your presenter shine. We’ve seen the difference a few or shapes can make when it comes to working with stage design. With these simple additions, you can take your stage to the next level and give your presenter a great place to deliver their message. 

Stage Props

Having a stage that is well designed and lit is essential to making sure that your presenter stands out and commands attention at your next event. Want to take it to the next level? On-stage props are always an eye-catching, engaging way to encourage participation and endurance from your audience.  Whether it’s TED’s life-sized logo that stands alongside the presenter, or Social Media Week’s stacked title, both of these brands know how to accompany a presenter with the perfect props.

TED Stage

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Pro tip: Other options for on-stage items are benches, podiums, and chairs. We’ve got some great options that work with any aesthetic. Check out our event !


Audio Visual Equipment

Nothing ruins confidence like a faulty mic or feedback. Make sure you’ve prepared your speaker for success with the right equipment, guaranteed for great performance. Acquiring AV equipment from a will always give you the best equipment that you can trust to do its job. Even with professional equipment, always make sure you test all equipment beforehand, so you’re not encountering problems when you’re live! 

Confidence Is Key 

After run-throughs with your equipment and staff, always make sure that you’ve had a practice run with your presenter onstage. Being thrown onstage the day of is never a confidence booster for most presenters. Besides practicing standing spots and AV plans, make sure your guest is prepared for their presentation. Using confidence as teleprompters in front of the stage will help presenters to remember their lines, and eliminate any looks back towards the projector screen to refresh their memory.

In the end, there are plenty of precautions you can take as a host to make sure that your presenter looks and sounds great on stage. Don’t let a poorly lit stage or a malfunctioning microphone detract from the event goals you want to accomplish.

Give your next presenter the gift of success. Make sure you book your rental equipment from the at In The Event™, with guaranteed performance and backed by our ITE guarantee. 

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