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Lasers & Drones: ITE at The Forefront of Event Technology

October 26, 2016

This post is the second in a four-part about our most recent event for our clients at STIHL. Keep an eye out each week for more about our event production, technology, and partnerships that are making Utah the place to be for events. 

When it comes to events today, almost anyone can pull off your standard production. Lights, linens, and furniture have become a standard for anyone in the professional events industry. Unfortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier to fall into the realm of mundane events. If you’re looking to set your event apart from the rest, it will take more than just the basics. Without a planner who is willing to go above and beyond, you’ll be missing out on the full potential of your event.

For our most recent production, our clients at STIHL were looking for an event that reflected the innovative technology of their products, and their ability to surpass the competition. Our experience as the number one LED lighting house in the midwest wasn’t the only thing we brought to the table. Here at the In The Event™ we’re committed to bringing the best to our clients. We took advantage of our experienced lighting design team, as well as our relationships with other industry experts to bring the latest in innovative event technology to this production. From lasers to Tesla coils, we created an unforgettable experience that impressed everyone there.  

Check out this awesome time-lapse of one of the presentations!  


  As one of the leaders of the event lighting industry, we’re always looking for new ways to light up the next show. As one of our most popular items in our inventory, we’ve been working with our lasers to get the most out of this event staple with new styles and programming options. Our collaboration with STIHL provided the perfect opportunity to test the limits.  

                       In The Event™ | Lasers & Drones        In The Event™ | Lasers & Drones        In The Event™ | Lasers & Drones        

Pro-tip: Looking for a good compliment to our awesome lasers? Check out ITE’s !



In The Event™ | Innovative Event Technology   We’ve noticed that event video is often pushed to the side when working out details like catering and furniture, but it can be just as important to the success of a great event. One things that often gets in the way of providing event video is the downside of having a camera wandering through the crowd, taking up valuable event space. Our solution? Drones. For STIHL, we streamed live video from a camera drone hovering around the space. Drones eliminate the need for a bulky camera on the event floor, and also provide a unique perspective of the event! Not only do they provide guests with a unique bird’s-eye view of the party, but drones also add to an environment of innovative technology.


Tesla Coils

In The Event™ | Innovative Event Technology Our favorite part of this event was the chance to work with Tesla coils. As innovators, we feel the responsibility to pioneer industry partnerships and to seek out the best for our clients. As STIHL wanted to incorporate their move from gas to electric power tools, we thought a literal interpretation would work great at their event; and what better way to portray electricity than with bolts of lightning? We reached out to the top Tesla coil manufacturer and set the coils up above the stage, at one point connecting the two bolts for the first time ever.


Making sure that you’ve got the industry experts at your disposal is essential to creating a memorable and effective event. With corporate events in particular, we’re firm believers in the power of bringing the best of the best to help encapsulate company growth and innovation in every part of the event. Being at the forefront of technology trends helps us to make the most of the time CEO’s have to make an impression on their attendees and customers.

Empower your next event with the best of event technology from In The Event™! Get started here.

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