Kennedy Hansen: A Very Special Sweet 16

January 2, 2014

Often we are asked to donate our event services and decor items to various groups and non-profits. We received a call from a volunteer coordinator asking us to donate centerpieces for a Sweet 16 birthday party of a very special teenager, Kennedy Hansen, who has an extremely rare, terminal genetic disorder. When Kennedy’s story was fully revealed to us, without question we wanted to contribute to her party which centered around a fundraiser aptly named “Kennedy’s Hugs,” to start a foundation in her name and create awareness about the disease.The event was organized by a community of volunteers from Ogden, Utah and held at Weber State University on Saturday November 16th.


Kennedy's Sweet 16


We wanted to create something more than just centerpieces for Kennedy’s party, so we designed complete table decor to employ the inspirational elements that the volunteer suggested,  which included multiple textures and light catching bling. The guest seating tables were dressed in a soft, shimmery pink satin. We used our LED light boxes,  a glow-in-the-dark pin as a base for each of the centerpieces, trimmed in a fuchsia french ribbon. Tall beaded crystal lamps held cumulous, white Ostrich feather plumes which captured the pink light from the riser. The table decor created color, height and visual interest for the party.





It was a privilege to be part of and witness to such an outpouring of love and support from the community at large and beyond who came together to make Kennedy’s birthday party truly something special and memorable for her and to the people she’s touched.


Sweet 16


See more of Kennedy’s story here.

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