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How To Quickly Upgrade Your Winter Event

February 8, 2017

Every season has pros and cons when it comes to planning events, and the winter months are no exception. From cooler temperatures to dangerous weather conditions, planning a winter event can be a challenge for any event planner. Thankfully, winter events also have the potential to stand out as some of the most engaging and memorable events of the year. From finding ways to accommodate guests outside to creating cozy interiors, winter events unleash the best of an event planner’s creativity. After working through a few of our infamous Utah winters, we’ve accumulated some foolproof tips to upgrading your next winter event.

Go Wireless

In The Event™ | Upgrade Your Winter EventWhether you’re cozying up by the fire or heating an outdoor space, winter is often has a higher risk for fire hazards. Don’t let your lighting options be on the list of ways your event could be ruined by a tipsy guest or a younger attendee. Having wireless lighting gives you all the benefits of professional lighting design without the hassle or risk of wires everywhere. Especially during the winter months, where lighting is one of the most important aspects of your event. Experience the freedom of planning an event outdoors without having to run wires inside, or spending time in the cold trying to find outlets or power sources. 

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Go Outside

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the ski lodge for your next event. Incorporating the outdoors into your next winter event is sure to get attendees excited and engaged. From heated to outdoor activities, there are plenty of options to make the most of the cold and snow. One of our favorite models of venturing outside is the Outdoor Retailers ! From the convention space to the mountains, each brand adheres to the ‘tried and tested’ approach and makes sure that buyers are making the most of the outdoors and their equipment. Not only does it make for a good time, but attendees are simultaneously exposed to all of the equipment in action, bringing more power to the investment the brand made in the event. 

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Go Above & BeyondIn The Event™ | Instantly Upgrade Your Winter Event

With a number of events held at the ski resorts and lodges this winter, your event needs to go above and beyond to stand out. Incorporating LED furniture and lighting into your lodge, or adding antique furniture and memorabilia to your decor will go a long way. Going the extra mile for your winter event is essential to creating an event that won’t be forgotten. Though each season does seem limited by trending designs, winter events are especially vulnerable to falling into the mold, due to environmental restrictions. Make sure your event takes the lead and spend the time to enhance your decor with unique rentals and design!

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Looking to upgrade your winter event, but don’t know where to start? Put yourself in good hands with the team at In The Event™. Born and raised in the best snow on earth, we know what it takes to host a winter event attendees aren’t likely to forget.

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