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4 Insider Hacks Event Planners Can Learn From Coachella

April 22, 2017

So you want to know more about one of the biggest music festivals of the season? We’ve picked four of our favorite event planning hacks from Coachella 2017, and are letting you in on how to bring these tricks of the trade to your next event!

Investing In The Experience

Festival-goers aren’t only there for the music. When you’re at Coachella, you’re there for the food, the fashion, the venue, the selfie. This aspect of their event is what makes this weekend in the desert the envy of all music festivals. What event planners can take away from this is that when it comes to hosting a successful event, it’s not just about the main attraction. If you’re looking to increase attendance, create engagement or anticipation, you’ll need to craft an experience that is filled to the brim with memorable details. Keep this in mind when analyzing your budget, coordinating vendors, and consulting with your client on priorities!

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Mobilizing a Loyal Target Audience

Coachella was designed to be shared by their target audience. Geotags, Instagram posts, 40ft tall selfie stations, it’s the social event of the season, and the event organizers at Coachella know it. By investing in their experience, they made every part of their event . With this mass mobilization of their target audience, they’ve got free marketing for their event for many years to come. If you’re involved in organizing an annual event, this is always a great way to get more exposure for your event. Though Coachella lucked out with a youthful, tech-friendly audience, the same principles can be applied to a conference or tradeshow. Invest in well-designed branding or pay more attention to the swag bags. Get your event attendees excited about telling their office mates where they got that awesome mug.

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Experiential Organization

If you’ve ever attended Coachella, you know that under all the fringe and fancy-free, those coordinators run a tight ship. From wristbands to maps and guides, event attendees know what’s what from the beginning. This attention to detail isn’t only a tribute to the thousands of people who attend, it’s also become a part of the experience as a whole. Event attendees are excited to get their special delivery full of well-designed, beautiful event maps and documents. Main takeaway? Don’t leave event registration or coordination to the birds. Hiring a will not only ensure a smooth registration and start to your event, but will also give you access to years of event design experience. Event planners know how to get people excited about being organized!

Reinventing Conventional Vendor Space 

When it comes to festivals, you’re guaranteed a host of vendors to manage and coordinate at your venue. From sponsors to food vendors, getting the word out about who helped get this event together is important to keeping your investors happy. When it comes to Coachella, they do things differently. Instead of seeing the relationship between vendor booths and event attendees as commensal, only benefiting the vendors from the exposure, they created a symbiotic relationship.

One of our favorite examples from 2017 was the American Express Experience. This station went above and beyond the flyers and candy, and gave users the opportunity to create a custom Coachella-themed music video in a booth where they would dance their hearts out! This came with a host of cardmember benefits at the event, and a branded final product that was no doubt shared across multiple platforms. Giving brands a chance to let their hair down, engages attendees and heightens conversions like no conventional vendor booth ever could.

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