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How to Promote Your Brand at Your Event

September 25, 2015

When you are hosting an event for your company one thing that is very important is the location of your event. Where you are going to be hosting your event helps set the overall tone of your event. But what is great here at In The Event™ is we can take your event space and transform it so the whole building is branded with your company colors and logo.

One way we will customize your events location is by starting with outside of the building. We can make the outside walls of the building glow your companies colors with our Wireless Wall Wash. Having the building glow your company color is a great way to promote your brand to your guests. Another way to customize your location is by adding our LED Modular Towers in your event. The neat thing about our towers is we can make them glow any color you want, as well as putting custom graphics, like your company logo on the towers. Whats really great about our LED Modular Towers is we can put them inside or outside because they are wireless and very durable.


IMG_4069     IMG_0032_2

Another way you can promote your brand at your even is by using our LED GOBO Projector. Our LED GOBO Projector is a simple way to add your logo or a custom pattern to the inside walls or floor of your event space.

IMG_4067 2

The next time your company is hosting an event, reach out to In The Event™ and let us help you transform your event space to promote your brand. 

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