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Fashion Show Runway

February 25, 2015

Looking for a fun and unique runway for your next fashion show? How about one of our LED Runways?

We recently partnered with the great people at Emerald Expo to provide an LED Runway for the Fashion Shows during the 2015 Outdoor Retailers Winter Market.

Fashion-Show-2015-32 Fashion-Show-2015-41

Our modular LED runways were the perfect solution for these events. We were able to create a long, lighted runway that helped highlight the fashions being presented. We used the same modular units to create stairs to the upper stage to continue a seamless look.  When our runways are paired with our Wireless LED Lighting, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can create any size, shape, and color of runway you have in mind.

ORWM15 Fashion Show Runway 2  ORWM15 Fashion Show Runway 3  ORWM15 Fashion Show Runway 4  ORWM15 Fashion Show Runway 5

Loving these fashion show runways? 

Don’t leave them hanging without fashion runway lighting! From the classic LED spotlight to our Studio Light, making your models shine is essential to the perfect fashion show runways.

Click Here to see our runway in action and see the highlights from the 2015 Outdoor Retailers Winter Market Fashion Show.

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