Event Rental Advice: Over-Ordering, Flexibility, Contracts

July 26, 2022

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked into some of the simple themes to think about if you’ve decided to include party rentals in your next event. Knowing some of the basic concepts in this world may help you move forward with simple, cost-effective rentals that will make your event pop in all the right ways.

At In The Event, we offer an unmatched selection of event rentals for any event you might be throwing in Utah. From our furniture rentals to lighting, seating, entertainment and numerous other areas, we’ll ensure you’re prepared for any need. Here are a few other basic concepts to keep in mind while you’re going this route, especially if it’s for the first time.

Order a Bit More Than You Think is Needed

Especially if you’re renting smaller items like utensils, chairs or glasses, it’s always best to order a few more pieces than you think you’ll actually need. The goal here is two-fold – first, to ensure you have enough in case of any accidents or issues, and second to give people plenty of options if they’re looking for an extra seat or glass.

If possible, try to overestimate your needs by at least 10 percent. This will give you some wiggle room in case of any problems, and will also mean you’re not scrambling to find more items on short notice if need be.

Stay Flexible

Your ideal event rental partner will have flexibility in the services they offer you, and you should be returning this same level of service. Throughout the process, be prepared to change your mind on some areas – especially if you’re working with a new supplier who might not know your taste as well as a longtime partner would.

For instance, you may think you need 50 chairs for an event but after seeing how your venue is set up, realize 65 would actually work better. If your rental company can accommodate this change quickly and without any issues, you’ll know you’re working with a top-notch supplier.

Be Diligent With Contracts

Like with any other realm that involves contracts and documentation, it’s important to be as detail-oriented as possible when you’re renting items for an event. This means reading over your contract thoroughly before signing, and ensuring you understand all the terms and conditions therein.

It’s also crucial to get every detail in writing, no matter how small it may seem. For instance, if your rental company offers to drop off your items the day before your event, make sure this is reflected in the contract. The last thing you want is a misunderstanding that causes major problems down the road.

With the right basic concepts in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best possible party rentals for any event. For more on this, or to learn about any of our event rental or event planning solutions, contact the pros at In The Event today.

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