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Event Professionals Industry Night

April 29, 2013

Our team here at In The Event™ had a great time planning an event for EPIN (Event Professionals Industry Night), which was recently held at The Urban Loft located in downtown Salt Lake City. We tried to create a clean, modern vibe to accentuate the rich architecture of the space. When it’s not being used for an event or meetings The Urban Loft is called The Gym, which explains the basketball hoops inside. Instead of trying to hide the hoops we created a shimmering net of beads from the rim to the floor, which seamlessly turned a possible eye sore into a head turning light fixture.


Beaded Chandelier


Another great piece we brought to this event was the oxygen bar. For those who haven’t heard of or have never used an oxygen bar it should be next on your list! Attendees can try various scents through personal breathing tubes. A unique and refreshing experience that won’t just keep your guests happy, but actually has health benefits!

Oxygen Bar_1


Not only will the oxygen rejuvenate your body it also helps generate energy and metabolize food. Our premier oxygen bar rentals also provide out-of-state guests with an easy way to acclimate to the higher elevation.


Oxygen Bar_2


At the end of the night our oxygen bar was a huge hit and a key interaction point for guests. With the nose hoses pumping out 90% pure oxygen flavored with therapeutic-grade essential oils we serviced over 150 guests with our 12-person oxygen bar throughout the evening.

Thinking of renting an oxygen bar for your next event? We rent our oxygen bars for events and meetings in Utah and nationwide, so give us a call to get started on hosting a great interactive event for your guests!


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