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From The Ground Up: Innovative Event Production From Start To Finish

October 3, 2016

This post is the first in a four-part series about our most recent event for our clients at STIHL. Keep an eye out each week for more about our event production, technology, and partnerships that are making Utah the place to be for events. 


In The Event™ is dedicated to crafting innovative for every client, and now we can say that we’ve taken our award-winning event production to the next level. On our recent show with STIHL, America’s #1 power tool production company, we had the opportunity to create an entire production from the ground up. From designing the space, to the closing reception, the team at In The Event™ took over every stage of this extensive event. 

In The Event™ | Event Production


STIHL planned to unveil their new line of electric tools at this corporate event, and commissioned our team to reflect the innovation and progress of their products in the design and production. In The Event™ took on the challenge, and went above and beyond in finding ways to introduce this new line with all of the pomp and circumstance it deserved. 


The event began with an opening party catered to the corporate audience in attendance. Our impressive rental inventory and production experience allowed us to craft an amazing and unique experience that helped STIHL give a great first impression. From stilt walkers and other interactive entertainers to an experiential, hands-on STIHL trailer, there was plenty for everyone to enjoy.


For the general session, not only did we go all out with our own rental inventory and production team, but we were also able to coordinate with other professionals to create a world-class event. Guests were led into a fog-filled tent before being exposed to the open event space, filled with lasers, Tesla coils, and drones, which were recording full HD video that was broadcast in real time.

In The Event™ | Event Production


The following days consisted of breakout sessions, trainings, obstacle courses, time trials, and product testing on trees brought in for the event, giving attendees the opportunity to experience the new product line for themselves. After the corporate events, attendees were also given the chance to explore the surrounding area, going for hikes, fishing, and more, enjoying the unique outdoor opportunities that Utah has to offer. 


The four day event concluded with an awards ceremony and reception. In addition to the dinner, we called in a custom cigar roller, and the High West Whiskey Distillery, which brought along connoisseurs and some of Utah’s finest whiskey for tasting. These unique additions helped employees feel like their hosts were focused on providing them with a positive experience, and left them with a memorable impression of their time in Utah.

In The Event™ | Event Production


Being able to create a stunning event from the ground up, in addition to crafting a unique production that encompasses the innovation of the company is what sets In The Event™ apart. Not only are we making strides as the number one LED rental house in the western United States, but we’re doing it in tandem with the expansion and development of our production team. Since 2014, ITE has almost doubled their staff, partnered with local venues and clients, and have started working with global companies to create bigger and better events in Utah.



Keep an eye out for the remaining three blog posts to learn more about our event production work with drones, Tesla coils, and our efforts to bring bigger business to Utah! 


To learn more about event production from In The Event™, visit us here.

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