Event Lighting – Creating A Big Impact

Event Lighting – Creating A Big Impact

An easy and inexpensive way to transform a large space and create a big impact is with event lighting. Here at In The Event™, we offer a wide variety of Wireless LED Lighting for many different applications whether it be uplighting walls, lighting furniture, or washing a stage. Whatever your lighting needs, we’ve got you covered.  For this event we used Wireless Wall Washes to uplight the perimeter of the room.  To add color and pattern to the ceiling we used our LED Gobo Projectors with patterned gobos and custom logo gobos. As you can see, these simple lighting techniques create a huge impact in transforming the space.

IMG_3908 In The Event™ | Innovative Event Lighting  IMG_3919

Looking to take your next venue to the next level with innovative event lighting solutions? In The Event™ is ready to hear from you!


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