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DIY Mishaps You’ll Want To Avoid At Your Next Event

April 10, 2017

If you’ve got an event coming up, you’ve probably been tempted to take the DIY route for decor, planning, or event management. Though it may work for the crafty and dedicated, there are some times when we’ve seen some major event mishaps that could’ve easily been prevented. From design faux pas to safety slips, there can be serious consequences to leaving aspects of your event up to an inexperienced, uncertified team. We believe in adding a personal touch, but when it comes to equipment, design, and layouts, we are firm believers in the power a professional event planner can have in creating an event that’s memorable, personal, and professional.

After 35+ years in the events industry, our events team has seen and heard their fair share of event mishaps, and today they’re here to tell you all about some of the biggest problems they’ve encountered, and how to solve them! 

In The Event™ | Event ProductionSparks Fly

Problem: This was a big one. We received a picture from a client who had worked with someone who tried to create DIY LED modular equipment with a lawn mower battery and some acrylic panels. Fortunately, nothing traumatic happened, but we’ve seen haphazard equipment like that take a turn for the worse, and we guarantee those repair costs will always outweigh what it would’ve cost to rent high quality, professional equipment in the first place.

Fix: Rent from a professional event rental inventory! We can’t stress enough the importance of really investing in your event equipment. Especially items with electrical wires, lights, and technology. It’s never worth it to risk the safety of your venue or your attendees for a something as small as a piece of equipment.

Pro tip: We don’t just promote using safe, certified event equipment, we supply it! Contact one of our event planners today to get access to our exclusive event rental inventory

Stage Woes  

Problem: A lesson in layouts: measure first, design later. We came across a stage that was built for a large conference center, but their main production screen was minuscule compared to the large stage they put together. When it comes to graphics and signage, always make sure you’re working with someone who knows the layout of your venue, stage, and setup, and can plan according to the correct dimensions.

Fix: Work with a local planner or one with experience producing events. Local planners will always be more in tune with the dimensions for your event venue and can be better prepared to work with you on creating an appropriate design. Experienced planners will know the importance of preparation. They’ll make sure to get sized layouts of your space, and will refer to them throughout the design process to make sure that everything is perfect for the big day.

Running Wild  

In The Event™ | Event PlanningProblem: This story is one we’ve all experienced. One of our own attended an event where everything from rental furniture to event lighting was DIY. Though the event was fun and went off without a hitch, she noticed that the host, family, and friends who were helping were anywhere but the dancefloor. From scrambling to load in food to the hostess calling a florist for emergency centerpieces, the people who threw the event didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it.

Fix: We’re probably getting repetitive, but it’s something worth repeating: hire an event planner! They don’t just direct traffic and vendors. Event planners work hard to make the event enjoyable for everyone, host included! They also know how to work within a budget, coordinate vendors, and design a space your attendees won’t forget!


Did we convince you? Our team at In The Event™ works hard to make your event planning experience a breeze. From coordinating vendors and venues to providing rental equipment and onsite event staff, we’re there for you from the drawing board to the last door locked. Still want to DIY? on our website or today to start planning your next event! 

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