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Custom Interactive Ray-Ban Booth at Pitchfork Music Festival

October 4, 2013

In The Event™, Salt Lake City based event production firm, constructed a unique contemporary style booth for Ray-Ban at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival held on July 19 through 21. Working in collaboration with other vendors, In The Event™ designed an interactive brand experience for the eyewear company, creating a 20’ by 20’ Ray-Ban branded space at the festival. Maintaining the theme of Ray-Ban’s Envision Series, the space was designed to stand out among other booths at the festival with the use of modular furniture, an LED graffiti water wall and interactive kiosks, where attendees could record their own visions.

Utilizing their custom built modular wall pieces, In The Event™ created an LED white and clear acrylic enclosed 10’ x 20’ space, leaving the remaining space open with an over hanging awning. Under the awning, In The Event™ continued the modern feel with white leather benches, inviting festival goers to relax in the shade of the booth. The open space also provided Ray-Ban staff with an area to promote the brand and encourage the public to learn more inside. Upon entering the enclosed space, attendees were drawn in with an LED graffiti water wall. Spray bottles and paintbrushes were provided for participants to create their own graffiti designs that illuminated and activated the LED lighting. Clear acrylic display cases exhibited the latest Ray-Ban products throughout the booth, while LED video towers played Ray Ban content for the duration of the festival.

In The Event™ premiered their new customer capture centers at this event, consisting of their LED video towers coupled with a video recording device. The customer capture centers allowed Ray-Ban consumers to further interact with the brand, and leave inspiring message in collaboration with the Ray Ban Envision Series. “We were thrilled to roll out our customer capture centers exclusively for Ray Ban at the Pitchfork Music Festival”, says Robert LaSpina, In The Event™ owner and Vice President. He continues, “we have since utilized them at numerous events and have found them to be extremely successful in engaging consumers and creating a memorable brand experience.” The customer capture centers can also be synched with social media, to share the recorded messages during the live event. Also ideal for customer surveys and event feedback, the capture centers can be used to pose questions to the target market and receive secure immediate responses.

In The Event™’s modular LED pieces are designed to withstand any weather conditions, as well as the movement and interaction to be expected from large crowds. Chicago experienced heavy thunderstorms during the festival, throughout which the Ray Ban booth structure experienced no damage and required no reconstruction.

In The Event™ is a full service event design company providing the ultimate in products and services to clients throughout the U.S. They are one of the only décor companies in Utah offering modular LED pieces such as tables, bars, cubes, walls, towers, dance floors, and more. Please visit for more information.

 Ray-Ban Booth

Found your inspiration from our friends at Ray-Ban? We’d love to help you create a stunning display for your next festival or trade show appearance. Contact us for more information!  

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