Corporate Event Design

Corporate Event Design

As part of a SendOutCards event, we were asked to design a store that highlighted some of their products. It was important to present their items in a very appealing fashion. We created this display to utilize the product itself to decorate a blank space. Take a look at what ITE can do for your brand with our customized graphics and structures!

Custom Event Design  Design Corporate Event Design Store Arch Entrance 682x1024

Custom branded spandex entrance.

Mannequin and Curtain Entrance 1 Design Corporate Event Design Mannequin and Curtain Entrance 1 1024x681

Mannequins sported SendOutCards branded merchandise. The shimmer curtains were decorated with their greeting cards reinforcing the brand and creating high-impact event décor right inside the door.

LED Mannequin Topiary Display Design Corporate Event Design LED Mannequin Topiary Display 631x1024

Topiaries were used to give the space a fresh atmosphere that made walking through the store like a walk in the park. While we do live floral arrangements on a regular basis, it’s often more eco-friendly to utilize non-floral arrangements re purposed from other events which is part of our green initiative. 

Apparel Tshirt Display Design Corporate Event Design Apparel Tshirt Display 1024x854

Attendees loved the personalized t-shirts being made on-site with a heat-press t-shirt transfer that SendOutCards provided.

LED Apparel Tshirt Display Design Corporate Event Design LED Apparel Tshirt Display 1024x994

Our LED tables displaying t-shirts.


When it comes down to it, presentation is a factor that cannot be overstated. Attendees should be dazzled during events and this is an event philosophy that we take very seriously. Custom event design can do so much for your brand at conferences and events, and with our professional team here at In The Event, we’re ready to make your event count!

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