Backyard Wedding Ideas

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Many couples are having to make difficult decisions about their big day due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Backyard ceremonies have become the latest trend along with face masks! Our design team at In The Event™ has brainstormed some ideas on how to help our clients celebrate life’s moments during COVID.


Backyard ceremonies can feature fun and creative seating offerings, based entirely on your desired wedding look!

If you are opting for a more casual ceremony, pillows and blankets work perfectly. This offers a fun and laidback atmosphere for guests to come and take part in your special day. Some couples prefer a more traditional approach. We recommend these weddings to bring in folding chairs and space them out in pods for people of the same household to sit together. If you want to step up your design game and elevate your ceremony seating, consider bringing in soft seating, such as our white leather furniture or our lux blue velvet loveseat to create an intimate atmosphere.

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Decor is the best way to create a ceremony space that is unique to you! Linens and ribbons can take a plastic folding chair and transform it into elegant and professional looking seating. Does your backyard venue have elements that are less than charming? Maybe you would like to conceal a garden shed or swing set.  Using scenic walls as camouflage offers another great opportunity for a decor transformation! Boxwood walls offer an elevated, natural looking camouflage that can be decorated with lights and flowers for a more romantic look. Pallet walls are another versatile wedding decor option. These rustic walls are perfect for the backyard aesthetic and can easily be incorporated into your wedding design with photos, candles, and lettering. 

Not sure what style you want to go for?  Check-out our inventory of on trend decor including gold lanterns, disco balls, vintage glassware, and more! In The Event™ also offers wedding floral design services. Work with out in-house florist to design bouquets, boutonnières, aisle decor or other decorative elements that are unique to you and your ceremony!

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Trying to transform a space to fit a certain atmosphere can be difficult. The single best way to achieve this is through lighting.  From bistro string lighting to unique edison walls, there is a lighting solution for any venue. We have an on-staff lighting design specialist ready to help you transform your space.


While 20209 has been far from normal our team is dedicated to helping couples achieve the ceremony of their dreams!

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