An Evening In Park City

July 30, 2015

This three night Park City party transformed the Stein Eriksen’s main ballroom into a grand dining hall and a concert/gaming lounge. Each evening the room was spilt in half using our Edison Bulb Wall, giving both rooms a cozy, inviting feeling. On one side of the Edison Bulb Wall was the dining hall that was used for the first half of the party, having enough space for everyone to eat and hang out comfortably while waiting for the second half of the room to open up. We used the same Edison bulbs to make chandeliers to give more light to the dining hall. We then created and printed a huge 17’ H X 30’ W fabric graphic to cover the main wall in both of the rooms.

In The Event™ | Evening at Sundance    Edison Bulb Chandelier

On the other side of the Edison Bulb Wall was the concert/gaming lounge. The first evening the space was a concert space with people performing all night. The leather lounge furniture is what created the lounge feel for the concert. For the last two nights the space was used as a gaming lounge filled with pool tables and the same leather furniture, letting people relax and hang out. The combination of beautiful decor and one of our favorite venues made this event one to remember.

Sundance Party     Leather Furniture       Sundance Party Gaming Lounge

Be sure to check out the rentals section of our website for the full list of the rentals we have to offer like the Edison Bulb Wall and our leather furniture. Whatever the piece, we’ve got what you need to make your evening a great success!

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