Accessories to Utilize Within an Event Tent

October 6, 2023

Accessories are a common need for various event types, and a great example is any sort of event that’s utilizing one or more tents for the basic setup. A number of important accessories should also be accounted for in these situations, and it can often be helpful to list them out. 

At In The Event, we provide the best selection of event rentals and event planning services to clients around Utah, including party tents and related accessories for any need. Here are some of the top accessories and additions you should be thinking about for any event tent rental. 

Light Considerations

Naturally, one of the first additions that comes to mind is lighting. If you’re hosting an event during the evening hours, then lighting of some kind will be needed to make sure everything stays visible and accessible for your guests. 

As you’re thinking about your lighting options, make sure to keep an eye out for adjustable LED string lights and battery-operated LED lanterns. LEDs are energy efficient compared to other lighting methods, while also providing a nice atmosphere for any event. 

Flooring Options

Another key accessory to consider is flooring. You don’t want your guests sinking into the grass, so having a nice clean floor within your tent setup can make all the difference. 

Does your event require a dance floor or high-traffic area? If so, then you’ll want to look into renting something like a subflooring system or a carpet runner. This will not only provide stability and safety, but also create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. 

Air Movement or Quality Equipment

Depending on the time of year you’re throwing the event, plus the size of the tent that you’re using, you may also want to consider adding fans or air conditioning/heating units to keep a pleasant temperature for your guests. Fans can be helpful in creating better air flow within the tent and making sure everyone is comfortable. 

In other cases, you might think about air quality equipment to use on the premises. For instance, if you’re hosting a corporate event, then you may want to look into renting an ozone generator. This will help to keep the air within the tent clean and odor-free, creating a better experience for all those present. 

Coverings and Drapes

Another key accessory to think about are coverings, like sidewall drapes or solid vinyl covers. These can be helpful for a number of reasons, such as providing privacy and creating an inviting atmosphere with beautiful drapery. 

For some events, you may want to go with a basic white vinyl sidewall, while other occasions might be better off with a more stylish and colorful draping system. It all depends on the event type and overall atmosphere you’re aiming for. 

Furniture Setup

Especially if your event is on the larger side, but even if not, furniture for your guests is also important to account for. You’ll need tables and chairs set up within the tent, so make sure to look into a number of different options that can best match up with the event atmosphere you’re creating. 

Folding chairs, banquet tables, bar stools or even couches can be a great addition to any event tent setup. Look for furniture that’s durable, easy to move around and stylish enough to match up with the overall atmosphere of your event. 

Entryway Theme and Options

One of the unique things about tents is that you can create interesting entranceways and pathways leading up to the tent walls. You have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to this, so make sure to take advantage of that! 

Think about adding an archway with curtains or stylish planters for your guests’ arrival. This can help set the tone for a great event and create a more inviting atmosphere. 

By following these guidelines and utilizing the best accessories, you can make sure that any event with a tent is an unforgettable experience for all involved. For more advice and tips on creating the best event setup with tents and other gear, or to learn about any of our event rentals or event planning and management services around Utah, contact our experts at In The Event today.