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A Lighted Affair | Event Lighting

May 20, 2015

We talk about lighting so much, but it truly is the biggest way to change the entire tone and mood of an event. It makes such an impact. You can have great décor and other elements, but without good lighting the space will fall flat.

From towers to uplighting around the room, lighting had a lot to do with the look of the space for this event. Guest entered along a red carpet, past a large LED Spandex wall and into the main space.  LED Towers with graphics on them made statements in the center of the room and stood out with a different colors of LED’s. Bars were placed on each side of the space and plenty of Wireless Wall Wash lighting dotted the perimeter of the room and gave plenty of lighting to the entire room.

     In The Event™ | A Lighted Event       In The Event™ | A Lighted Event

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   In The Event™ | A Lighted Affair

After the dinner portion of the evening, the room was flipped and in a matter of 20 minutes the space transformed into a lounge for the after party and remainder of the evening.  We brought in our lounge furniture, LED Coffee Tables and LED HiBoys.

    In The Event™ | Event Lighting In The Event™ | A Lighted Affair

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