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5 Fun Office Party Essentials

April 8, 2015

The usual office party can be used to celebrate a holiday, congratulate employees, and boost office morale. Unfortunately, the same old song and dance in the same conference room every year can become dull.

Keep your office celebrations fun and memorable with these simple event rentals that are sure to turn an drab boardroom into everyone’s favorite office space. Here are a few essentials for your next office party.

In The Event™ | Office Party Essentials 1. Photo booth & backdrop

An event at the office is made even more memorable with a fun take-home souvenir. Find a backdrop that relates to your office and set up a photo booth. Staff can pose for pictures together, and the silly results can be used on social media to boost the company while showing how much fun employees are having at the office.

We have a number of backdrops at In the Event for you to choose from, ranging from a 1920s ballroom to the Grand Canyon. And if you can’t find the perfect backdrop for your company photo op, rent a green screen and we’ll help you create the perfect background.

guitar_centerpiece2. Branded centerpieces

Branded centerpieces can also be an easy take-home souvenir that won’t break your budget. Non-floral centerpieces are less expensive than flowers and In The Event™ can personalize your centerpieces to share your company’s brand.

From simply adding your logo to an existing display or using treats or prizes to decorate the tables, customized centerpieces bring your office party theme to life and create another great opportunity to share your brand on social media. Employees are sure to get excited about taking a cool, customized centerpiece home and sharing their fun experience with friends and family!

shimmercurtains3. Garland and curtains

An important aspect to keep in mind when planning an office party is that the decoration needs to create a festive atmosphere. Even with limited space and resources, you want to transform the conference room into a new space, one you’d actually like to hang out in.

A simple way to transform a space is to hang garland or curtains. Whether you hang a beaded curtain or string a festive garland, this simple decoration can transform a boring room into an entirely new place. Proper garland can make employees feel like they’re walking into a winter wonderland or an up-scale club. Giving the boardroom a makeover is guaranteed to put everyone in the partying mood.

Curved-Chalk-Walls4. Curved chalk walls

A good office party should encourage interaction between employees and between the staff and company. Implementing fun and creative ways to engage attendees in a dialogue with each other is an easy way to pull people away from their desks and into the festivities.

In the Event’s curved chalk wall rentals are an exciting and easy way to prompt conversation. Ask employees to answer non-office related questions to get them comfortable with each other or to engage the staff in a fun company poll. Whatever you use the chalk walls for, they’re sure to help them relax and have fun with everyone in the office.

Game-Show-Buzzers5. Game Show Buzzers

Getting employees out of the day-to-day grind is an important part of throwing a successful office party. To instantly engage attendees, plan relevant games that will energize employees, like holiday- or company-themed trivia.

Up the excitement with our game show buzzers. These colorful, wireless buzzers work with a number of games and allow employees to let their competitive side out and get into the office event. And don’t forget to bring quality prizes to hand out to the staff for participating. Prizes should be more than a branded pen or candy bar, they should have real thought put into them to show the employees they’re valued.

If you put these office party tips into play, we guarantee that employees will be anxiously awaiting every office event. Finish off the look with some of our other rental items! Click here for a list of some of our favorites.

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