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Using Trade Show Booth Rentals for Maximum Attention

October 29, 2019

Standing out in a sea of trade show booth rentals is essential for effective marketing. After all, if attendees breeze on by your exhibition space, you’ll have a difficult time building brand awareness and generating new business leads.

To get the most out your next trade show, you need people to take notice of your booth. Here are several ways to make that happen.

Incorporate LED Lighting

Displays that feature bright, colorful lights always draw attention. A number of LED lighting options are available — including tables, pedestals, modular cubes, GOBO projectors and wireless pixel tubes – and you can use any to create an attention-getting trade show booth rental.

Make the Booth Interactive

Interactive technology makes for an exciting exhibit, and trade show attendees flock to booths where they can have hands-on experiences. To gain more interest, add a curved chalk wall, touch screen monitors, video capture towers or other interactive activities to your exhibition space.

Add a Carnival Game

Engaging attendees with a carnival game is a great strategy. When people have fun at a booth, it’s more memorable – and you can enhance the effect by giving out branded merchandise for prizes. From balloon darts and ring toss to Frisbee fling and hoop shot, there are plenty of games that can boost the fun level of trade show booth rental.

Set Up a Spot for Relaxing

Walking around a trade show can leave attendees tired, and many appreciate the chance to sit down and take a break. By setting up an area with comfy armchairs and sofas, you can easily attract more people to your booth – and as they relax, they’ll take in more information about your brand.

Be Big About Branding

The most successful booths are designed for brand awareness. Banners, arches and display walls with your logo definitely make a statement, and showing off your brand in other ways – with give-away items, for instance, or streaming videos on a TV monitor – can help make sure everyone remembers your name.

Work with an Expert Planner

By far, the best way to create a noticeable exhibit is to let an experienced team of professionals take the helm. In the Event, based in northern Utah and serving clients throughout the country, specializes in designing innovative, eye-catching event spaces.

As a full-service event design and production company, In the Event offers a vast selection of event rentals, including LED lighting, interactive activities, carnival games and seating. And if you rent anything from our inventory, our expert team will take on the design of your booth at no added cost.

At In the Event, we’re proud of the many successful trade show exhibits we have created over the years, and we’d love the opportunity to make sure yours has a major impact. For more information on our services, or to discuss our trade show booth rental ideas, contact us in Salt Lake City today.

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