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Top 4 Reasons to Rent Table Centerpieces

April 2, 2021

Buying custom table decorations can make sense for some events, but in many cases, it’s better to rent table centerpieces.

As we’re a full-service event design company with a vast catalog of rental products, you’d expect us to recommend that approach. But we have good reasons for doing so – here’s why you should consider renting your table centerpieces instead of purchasing them outright.

No. 1: Save Money

If your guest list is on the lengthy side or you plan to set up numerous small tables throughout the event space, buying centerpieces may take a significant portion of your décor budget. After the event, you’ll likely never need or want to use the items again. Why spend stacks of cash when you can rent table centerpieces for a fraction of the cost?

No. 2: Save Time

If you decide to buy centerpieces, you’ll be in charge of both setup and cleanup. As such, you’ll need to arrive at the venue extra early – and you won’t be able to head home until they’re removed. Rent table centerpieces from a full-service event design company, and the work will be handled for you. Why not save yourself the effort and enjoy the event as much as your invited guests?

No. 3: Get the Ideal Table Centerpieces

If you want unique centerpieces, designing them yourself isn’t the only option. Event rental companies offer a range of products that are anything but ordinary. Here at In the Event, you can choose from:

    • Floral table centerpieces designed to complement your event theme
    • Spandex feather towers in multiple colors and sizes
    • Color-changing LED light boxes to use as the base of your centerpieces

We also create custom centerpieces – and our highly experienced design team can incorporate your event colors, business logo or any features you like. Leave your centerpieces to us, and we’ll make sure they impress your guests.

No. 4: Get Expert Help with Your Event

Wouldn’t you rather have a professional plan and produce your event? Rent centerpieces from the right event design company, and you can get expert assistance without paying extra.

In the Event offers this valuable perk, and our professional planners will step in and handle everything from venue logistics and space planning to the transportation, setup and cleanup of your centerpieces. What’s more, you can get our help with the rental of any products from our inventory – and we have a broad selection of high-quality event furniture, décor, lighting and accessories available for rent.

Have questions? Or are you ready to browse our catalog of Utah event rental products? Visit our website or contact our office to learn why we’re the best place to rent table centerpieces and other event furnishings today.

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