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Top 3 Wedding Event Rental Mistakes to Avoid

September 28, 2021

When it comes to your wedding, you want the day you get hitched to go off without a hitch.

One way to accomplish this is to ensure that you’re doing all you can before the big day to make it a success, including keeping track of your event rentals.

When using event rentals in Utah for your wedding, there are some serious mistakes that if you can avoid them will help your day to go a lot smoother. Here are the biggest mistakes we here at In The Event want to make sure you avoid when it comes to planning your wedding.

No. 1: Underestimating Your Guest Count

For many weddings, about three-quarters (or a little more) of the people you invite will actually attend. However, it’s always possible that nearly every guest you invite may show up at your wedding – and maybe even bring extra people with them. For this reason, having a contingency plan is a must when it comes to your wedding event rentals.

For example, if you expect 100 people to attend and plan to rent a tent for your reception, then you should make sure to order a tent that can accommodate at least 150 people, if not more. That way, if fewer people show up than you think, then you’ll have plenty of room – but the same goes for if more people show up than you think.

Too much is always going to be better than not enough in the event planning world, so make sure you have the tables, chairs, and other rentals you need in place.

No. 2: Ordering Wedding Rentals Too Late

Although many event rental businesses will do what they can to get your event rentals to you on the day you need them, you are better served if you give them plenty of time to get what you need. This is especially true if you have a large guest list and need a lot of things such as tables, chairs, décor, and even a tent.

The time of year of your wedding also makes a difference. If you’re looking to get married during the busy season of weddings, then make sure to book your event rentals as early as you can. The closer you get, the harder it’ll be to find an event rental company that has all you need.

Giving your event rental vendor plenty of time to prepare and deliver the equipment is always the best option. Unfortunately, unless you choose the right wedding and event rentals company, you could still run into problems.

No. 3: Choosing the Wrong Utah Wedding Rentals Company

When it comes time to start planning for your wedding, it’s imperative that you engage a company for event rentals as soon as you can. After all, there are literally hundreds of details to work out before a wedding, so checking something as big as party rentals for your wedding off your checklist early will help to ensure your wedding is not only successful but exactly how you envisioned it would be.

It pays to be choosy when selecting your event rentals company. We are a full-service event planning and party rentals company. We have everything you need to make your big day perfect. We can assist with everything from tables, chairs and dancefloors to linens, lighting, flowers and décor.

We even have special COVID-19 wedding rentals packages.

Event rentals for weddings can be a headache, but they don’t have to be. If you plan early, plan for contingencies and choose the best Utah event rentals company, then you don’t have to worry about how things will pan out on your big day. Let In the Event help you make your wedding dreams a reality.

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