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Tips on Renting A/V Equipment for a Special Event at a Church

August 25, 2020

Is your church holding a special event? By renting A/V equipment, you can dramatically improve the experience for everyone who attends – if, that is, you end up with the right gear.

A basic setup with a microphone, projector, screen and speakers isn’t an ideal solution for a house of worship. You’ll want a high-quality A/V system with components that work well for your particular church. But, finding audiovisual products that fully meet your needs can be a definite challenge.

For an easier time with A/V design and integration, follow our tips on renting A/V equipment for special church events.

Get Expert Advice on A/V Rentals for Church Events

When designing an A/V system for a church, the interior design of the space must be taken into consideration. The pillars, pews and architectural features commonly found in places of public worship can create reverberations, making it difficult to achieve optimal sound quality. To provide everyone with a superior viewing and listening experience, ask an expert for advice on A/V equipment that can meet your needs.

Choose a Reputable Event Rental Company

Before renting A/V equipment, check the reputation of any event rental company you’re considering. Find out how long they’ve been in business and what services they offer – and make sure to read customer reviews. Do your homework, and you can feel confident that the audiovisual system you rent for your special event won’t leave you plagued with technical difficulties.

Consider a Full-Service Event Design & Production Company

Designing and setting up an A/V system requires a significant level of skill, regardless of the venue. But with the unique challenges of audiovisual integration for a church, putting the task in the hands of a professional is in your best interests. A full-service event design and production company will help you every step of the way, from choosing the A/V equipment and delivering it to your location to installing the components, making sure they’re working properly and removing everything once your special event comes to an end.

Get in Touch with In the Event

If your special event is at a church in Utah, the professional team at In the Event can meet your A/V design and integration needs. Our event planners have more than 35 years of combined industry experience, and we can provide you with a sophisticated audiovisual system that perfectly suits your religious sanctuary.

We also carry a vast selection of event rental furniture and furnishings – and if you rent anything from our inventory, you’ll enjoy the services of an expert event planner free of charge. Visit our website to browse our catalog of products, or contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, office to discuss renting A/V equipment for your special church event today.

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