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4 Reasons Event Planners Aren’t Just For the Rich and Famous

January 9, 2017

We’ve heard it all before. Everyone says that hiring professional event planners is a luxury reserved for the pros. We have experienced events at every level, and have seen what having a professional event planner at your side can do to create a beautiful, stress-free event.

Save On Event Costs 

Worried about how much hiring an event planner will cost? Contrary to popular belief, sometimes hiring a professional event planner can save you money. A professional designer will often have formed relationships with local vendors and will receive discounts for booking with them that any other customer would not. Event planners also know where and when to get things for less than full price. Their job is to know the industry, which will always pay off for you in ways they can save you money on anything from your venue to catering!

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Reuse, Recycle

Trust us. You’ll never use those 200 votives again. Keep your closets free of unused event equipment you bought for that wedding 5 years ago, and rent from the pros! Our planners at In The Event™ have full access to our comprehensive , giving you the chance to rent those beautiful chairs without having to store them at your own house. Have a special request? Event planners will almost always know where to rent unique decor, giving you the beautiful event you wanted, without the dusty boxes in your attic.

Beautiful Events 

People are always surprised at what an event planner can do for their event, big or small. Sure, we can make a convention hall look like an elegant venue, but we love working with small events just as much! Whether it’s renting professional equipment, or getting help with overall event design, your event planners can help make your event look amazing, without using the entirety of our inventory or resources.

Stress Free Service

No level of event is exempt from a good amount of stress for the host. Even if you’re throwing a party for the local PTA, you’ll almost always find something unexpected to worry about. Having a professional event planner by your side gives you the opportunity to help design a beautiful event without running around in circles 5 minutes before the party, trying to arrange party platters. Even a quick consultation with a professional who knows how to avoid a lot of event mishaps can go a long way when it comes to planning your next party. 

In The Event™ | 4 Reasons Event Planners Aren't Just For The Rich and Famous

Looking for a professional event planner for your next event? In The Event™ is always happy to provide event rentals and services for any type of event, big or small. Want to preview some of our work? Check us out on ! 

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