MagicQ MQ60 Lighting Console

12 Universe DMX Lighting Controler

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The MagicQ MQ60 Lighting Console has four patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel and a total of 12 universes over Ethernet: Art-Net I, II or III, Pathport, Strand Shownet, or sACN.  For larger shows, the MQ60 can be used as a net wing connected to a PC or Mac runnning MagicQ software to control 64 universes. No additional purchase is required.

MagicQ MQ60 has an in-built touch screen and supports one directly connected external monitor or touch screen. A further 3 monitors or touchscreens can be connected using networked computers. For example, a network cable can be run to a designers laptop at the tech table any view displayed there.

MagicQ MQ60 has a built-in UPS battery with both the console and the ethernet switch protected by the built in UPS. Low power consumption means the MQ60 does not require a fan, enabling silent operation for studio, FOH positions.

Universes: 12 (up to 64 in net wing mode with additional PC/Mac)
Channels: 6144
Number of fixtures: Up to 6144
Cues: 5000
Cue stacks: 2000
Palettes: 3096
Groups: 5000
Numbers of shows: Virtually unlimited
Media server support: 50 (each different content)

Encoders: 8
Faders: 12
Direct DMX ports: 4
Network ports: 4
External monitor: 1
Rear panel USB ports: 4
Front panel USB port: 1

Audio input (1 channel, 7 band)
Remote contact switch
MIDI Notes in/out

Power input: 110 to 240 VAC
Width: 1′ 8 11/16″
Depth: 1′ 3 3/16″
Height: 5 1/2″
Weight: 14.4lbs