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Problems You’ll Relate To If Your Best Friend Is An Event Planner

May 3, 2017

From a beautiful birthday bash to a killer house party, there are definitely perks to being best friends with an event planner. However, it’s not all party favors and appetizers when it comes down to the day to day friendship experience. Being a professional event planner definitely comes with a few drawbacks that those close to us can definitely relate to!

Details, Details, Details

In The Event™ | Event Planner Problems

You’ve never seen someone with so many planners or phone notifications. From calendar invites for brunch this weekend to the plethora of emails and to-do lists for that weekend getaway, event planners know the importance of nailing down the details and don’t limit their love for the little things to just their job. Having an event planner for a friend may seem tedious when it comes to planning, but it’s always important to look at the bright side: everyone will show up on time to brunch, and you won’t spend an hour deciding where to go, because that will already be on the calendar invite you got a week ago.

Quality Time

In The Event™ | Event Planner Problems

Because event planners are often in the office from 9-5 in addition to their time on show site in the evenings, finding quality time with your event planner friend can often be tough. One day they’re off at 5 and ready to party, and others they’re only available if you’re ok with being up until 4 AM. Even your weekends get tricky. From galas to launch parties, we’re often on call through the Sunday brunch hour and that concert you wanted to go to on Friday night. At least that one hour in the week that they’re actually free will get your creative juices flowing after having to find something fun to do at 11 AM on a Thursday.

Venue Critics

In The Event™ | Event Planner Problems

So you’re headed to a concert or event with your event planning friend. You know all too well that you’ll need to prepare for the comments about lighting, sound systems, food, and anything else that would’ve looked much better if this “had been my event.” Though you wouldn’t have noticed the blue tones ruining the look of the appetizers or the slightly congested flow of the registration line without them, you can be sure that you’ll never look at that venue or event the same way again.

The 3 AM, “Wanna get food?” Text

In The Event™ | Event Planner Problems

As event planners, we don’t always follow the rule, ‘early to bed and early to rise.’ Many friends of event planners have often received the early morning text with a casual “wanna get burritos?” and wonder what their friend could possibly be up to. For your friend, they’ve just finished up a big event and, because they’re a professional event planner, they’ve stayed until the doors are locked up and the trucks are away. After a big night of event management, lots of details, and not enough appetizers, we’re ready for a burrito.

Though we’ve all experienced each of these at some point, through all the late night texts and planning sessions we still love having them around! Don’t have an event planner in your squad? . Our event management team is always ready to become your new best friend, and help to plan your dream event! 

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