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Options for Party Table & Chair Rental in Utah

July 27, 2021

If you are planning an event, the rental of party tables and chairs is a must. After all, there’s no need to buy when you have affordable party rentals in Utah readily available through In The Event.

However, it’s important to understand what you need when it comes to renting party tables and chairs for your event. To help make the process easier for you, we’ve put together an easy-to-use guide to help you find the tables and chairs that are right for your next event.

Consider the Theme

Most events have a theme, and that theme can help determine the color scheme, style and many other factors connected to the event. For party tables and chairs, your theme will help determine what type of table and chair will work best.

For example, a business-related mixer for adults may only need pedestal tables, while a wedding with a more elegant theme may require a mix of round and long banquet tables. The same is true of chairs, as you might prefer a more elegant chair for a wedding than you need for a children’s party.

Talk to the professionals at In The Event to determine what style of party tables and chairs will best suit your event’s theme.

Think About the Number of Guests

Another factor that influences your party rentals in Utah is the number of guests you plan to have. The more guests you will be inviting, the more tables and chairs you’ll need to ensure their comfort. You also have to take into account any tables needed for additional activities or food.

Understand Your Options

You will have multiple types of tables and chairs to choose from for your event. For example, round tables are very popular because they’re functional, facilitate social interaction and make great use of space. However, you may want to consider longer, rectangular banquet tables for a more family-style feel to an event.

Pedestal tables may be the right choice if you’re planning to serve light appetizers or have a cocktail hour, as they allow people to gather around it and chat as they get to know one another, then move on to interact with other guests.

Chairs also have many options. Folding chairs may be great for a more informal event, although you can choose folding chairs that have a more high-end look. Banquet chairs can be a good option for longer events that may require a lot of sitting. Be sure to take a look at all available options because, as you now realize, there may be a lot more to choose from than you initially think!

In The Event has a variety of rental tables and chairs to choose from for your party or event. Talk to one of our party planning professionals today to learn more about the wide range of options available. We look forward to helping you choose the ones that are perfect for your next event.

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