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Make a Dramatic Impact with Event Lighting Rental

November 30, 2021

No matter what type or how big or small your event, lighting adds a key element to the ambience and emotional connection for the attendees. Something as simple as color combinations, lighting angles and intensity can play a major role on the mood of the crowd.

For instance, subtle tones can create a warm, cozy feeling, whereas bright, flickering or moving beams draw out extravagance, excitement and anticipation.

The lighting experts at In The Event has everything Utah needs to leave a lasting impression on your event attendees, whatever kind of vibe you are looking to create.

Wedding Reception Lighting

Weddings often incorporate different types of lighting scenes throughout the event. Guest arrival and cocktail hour may call for a subtle, warm ambience by way of wall sconces or even candles.

The all-important wedding dinner often incorporates an element of elegance with chandeliers, strands of glowing twinkle lights, and a soft spot on the head table to create a subtle focus on the bride and groom.

When dinner is over and it’s time to hit the dance floor, intelligent moving lights with transitioning colors, strobes and shapes will be sure to get and keep the guests on the LED bottom-lit dance floor all night long.

Trade Show Lighting

When introducing your latest product to the world at a trade show, you definitely want your product and brand logo to show in the best light. There are a number of ways our lighting event experts can help illuminate your booth.

Front-Lit LED Lighting

Front-Lit lights are a great way to make sure your banner is seen and remembered. LED lamps are lightweight, easy to assemble, long lasting, and operate at much cooler temperatures than halogen lamps that can degrade your signage over time.


Placing lights inside a frame or behind your product or stencilled logo is known as backlighting and is a very effective way to make your material pop. In The Event  also uses a technique known as “ladder lighting” to make your exhibit dramatic and eye-catching.

Layered Lighting

A great way to add depth to your display is to use different types of lighting throughout the exhibit. Using spotlights and intelligent moving lights that draw focus to your product, while subtly accenting countertops and walls with rope and tape lights gives a sense of professionalism and excitement.

Outdoor Events

We at In The Event know that Utah is an amazing state to host outdoor events for any occasion. The right lighting can turn an already beautiful setting into an absolute wonderland.

From stationary vertical beams to frame your outdoor venue, to string and web lighting hung overhead or from surrounding trees, portable bottom lit LED dance floors, and spotlights to shift the focus on a speech maker or guest of honor, In The Event is your one-stop-shop for event and lighting rentals.

In The Event is Utah’s #1 event rental and planning service, and hosts a team of lighting experts that can help you choose the best lighting applications for your event, no matter the size or type.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation to discuss your Utah event lighting rental needs.

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