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LED Product Displays

September 17, 2015

Product displays are a great way to show guests all your new products. Here at In The Event™ we can help you showcase your products at your next event, by using our unique and custom product displays.

Our client came to us wanting a very fancy and classy event, but still wanted a really unique product displays and stage. Starting with the stage we did a very simple stage set each day keeping the main focus on the custom Mod Wall we built out of our LED Wall Panels. The first day we lit the LED Mod Wall a bright pink with tables on each end of the stage with laboratory equipment to go along with their first days theme. On the second day we lit the LED Mod Wall a subtle orange and added some of our Accent Lounge Chairs for the Q & A they were having that day.

Miche 2015 11     IMG_3968     IMG_0833

Then outside of the main stage room we had their products displayed throughout the hallways. To display most of their products we used our LED Deluxe Display with Shelves and made custom graphics to put on the displays. Then the other products display we used were our Female Chrome Mannequins.

Miche 2015 33     IMG_0192     Miche 2015 36

If you liked how we used two of our product displays be sure to check out the rentals section of our website to see more product display options we have to offer.

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