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In The Event™ Sponsors the 97.1 ZHT Zoo Bash

November 1, 2012

This year, In The Event™ had the opportunity to sponsor 97.1 ZHT’s Zoo Bash held at the Infinity Event Center on Saturday October 27.  In celebration of Halloween and the Morning Zoo’s 15 year Anniversary, the Zoo Bash was hosted by Frankie, DB and Jessica.

All VIP areas and Zoo Bash event decor were provided by In The Event™.  The VIP areas consisted of our white and black leather furniture, LED coffee tables, and rope and stanchion.  Our LED high boys were also set up in the facility with four glowing towers, with an LED deluxe high boy as the base, in the four corners of the first floor.  Additionally, a glowing LED bar was positioned near the stage.  On stage, we set up our holographic curtains as a backdrop.  Throughout the night our LED furniture was strobing and changing colors, creating a fun atmosphere for the sold out party! We loved helping out with such a wonderful event! Here at In The Event™, we are always dedicated to doing what we can to support local businesses. We are so proud of all the great things that these businesses are doing for our community! We’ll leave you with just a few pictures from the 2012 Zoo Bash! You’ll find many more on our Facebook and Twitter page.

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