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In The Event™ Announces Green Initiative and Eco-Friendly Commitment

February 28, 2013

In The Event™, a full service event production and design house is making the commitment to recycle, reuse, and refurbish rental items and to utilize eco-friendly lighting. By recycling and refurbishing rentals, as well as using our sustainable lighting, In The Event™ has greatly reduced their carbon footprint and waste production.

In The Event™ works throughout the event design process to seek out products that are earth friendly and can be repurposed for a number of event decor needs. Over 90% of the products they use at every event are recyclable. Not only does this help to eliminate waste, save on client costs but it also uses far fewer resources than ordering new product for each event.

Wireless LED light displays are another way that In The Event™ maintains an eco-friendly presence in the Salt Lake Valley. In The Event™ is one of the largest wireless LED decor houses in Utah. Utilizing this technology allows them to produce more energy efficient events while also significantly shortening their delivery and set up time. Primarily working with LED lighting is another method of reducing their carbon footprint, saving on time and energy, and minimizing client cost.

To read more about In The Event™’s commitment to keeping their events eco-friendly, click here: Green Events

Click here for the Full Press Release.



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